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Susie,    that's    me!

I am resting in the backyard for awhile. (My Ghost Spirit is still here, watching over my sluepy.Check out my link to my Story, Susie the Ghost Pug Dog, it's about me!) I like to sit and enjoy the scenery. Got to make sure there are no nasty pests around to bother my owner. I am a pretty good watch-dog, nothing passes my territory without me knowing. :) My owner,sluepy is developing this site. She says I will be famous. :) Thousands of people will pass by to see me ! Wow, I can't wait. We are going to have a few things I think you will like, so check out our "PUG THINGS" guestbook, when you get the chance. Maybe you could post your Pug stories or a Pug poem.Oh, yea, maybe you could just sign MY GUESTBOOK I wont believe I am famous until I see it in writing. :). I really luv stories and poems. REMEMBER, you can click the "back button" to return to any pages in my site from all my links. :-) Hope you enjoy the links to knowledge on my site and come back often during the year of 1999.

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